50yr old female patient. Had 6 cycles to Abdomen area. Post twin pregnancy.

“After years of been conscious of my tummy I read about Coolsculpting.  After researching it I felt it was a great alternative to surgery. After my free consultation in ASI skin all my questions were answered & the process explained very well.  I was warned the 2 minute post treatment massage was uncomfortable but no pain no gain!

For best results for me I needed 6 cycles on my lower & mid tummy, the treatment took about 4 hours in total, including photos & pre treatment markings.  After the first few minutes which felt cold but not uncomfortable, the area went totally numb for the rest of the treatment time. The massage was quite uncomfortable but tolerable especially as I was told it would break down further fat cells and so improve my result…a no brainer!!

After the treatment any redness disappeared very quickly. The treated area felt like a sunburn & was tender to touch & swollen for about a week and numb for about 4 weeks. But didn’t stop any activities… back to work the following day & did a spinning class.

I could start seeing the results after about 6 weeks , went back to ASI Skin 13 weeks after my treatment, and the repeat photos showed a great result. It is a slow process & at times, it was actually difficult to see changes but I was very happy!”

28yr old female patient. 4 Cycles, Bilateral Inner and Outer Thighs

“What can I say!! I love this treatment!  I am already saving for my next area.  I have always wanted the elusive thigh gap.  I have never felt a like my skinny jeans looked right due to lumpiness in my inner and outer thigh area.  No matter how much I worked out, it never really improved as much as I would like.   Coolsculpting was so easy, I took a half day from work and Sharon was so lovely and patient throughout the entire process, I was finished by home time that evening.  There was no downtime, just a little swollen and red for a few days.  I am not at my 14 weeks yet but I can already see a difference.  I love it!!”

32yr old Male Bilateral Flanks (Love Handles)

“No matter how much I worked out, no matter what my diet was, I always had an extra bulge around the love handle area.  On my girlfriends recommendation I went for a free consultation with Sharon at ASI Skin, I’ll be honest, I was sceptical.   But, it was so easy and informative and before I knew it I was booked for treatment.    I cannot stress the difference it has made to me in my clothes, in shirts and jackets.  Thank you so much.”

56yr old male who had upper & lower blepharoplasty in April 2014

“After one too many friends had mentioned over a long period of time how tired I looked and how droopy my eyelids were, on my G.P.’s recommendation I went to see Dr. Patricia Eadie for a consult, purely to see what could be “fixed”.  As a guy I was totally out of my comfort zone contemplating such an option but Dr. Eadie was fantastic… personally, professionally and totally up front about what was realistic and attainable.  I had made up my mind before I left her office.  I had upper and lower blepharoplasty, no complications and less facial bruising than expect.  When people look at me and say “what’s different about you?” I just smile and mentally thank Dr. Eadie.”

31yr old female patient who had bilateral breast reduction in Jan 2014 under the care of Dr Patricia Eadie

“I first heard about Dr. Eadie and Aesthetic Surgery Ireland through a friend. For years I was unhappy with the size of my breasts, I thought they were disproportionate in comparison to the rest of my body size and I finally decided to do something about it. When I first went to see Dr. Eadie she was upfront about the risks of the procedure and realistic about what she could do for me. I never felt under any pressure to proceed with the surgery and was given plenty of time to make my decision.  Her nursing staff were also very friendly, reassuring and helpful throughout all my visits. All the staff at ASI were helpful any time I phoned with a query. What really stood out for me was the aftercare I received. I had a small infection in one of my stitches, I phoned and explained my query and I was seen the next day. That was the care and reassurance I needed after having such a big surgery. I could not recommend Dr. Eadie and ASI highly enough.”

39yr old female, Breast Reduction surgery, Ms. O’Donnell July 2014

“I first heard about Dr. Eadie and Aesthetic Surgery Ireland through a friend. For years I was unhappy with the size of my breasts, I thought they were disproportionate in comparison to the rest of my body size and I finally decided to do something about it. When I first went to see Dr. Eadie she was upfront about the risks of the procedure and realistic about what she could do for me. I never felt under any pressure to proceed with the surgery and was given plenty of time to make my decision.  Her nursing staff were also very friendly, reassuring and helpful throughout all my visits. All the staff at ASI were helpful any time I phoned with a query. What really stood out for me was the aftercare I received. I had a small infection in one of my stitches, I phoned and explained my query and I was seen the next day. That was the care and reassurance I needed after having such a big surgery. I could not recommend Dr. Eadie and ASI highly enough.”

45yr old female patient who had breast reduction with Mr David O’Donovan in March 2014

I had my breast reduction surgery with Dr David O’Donovan in April of 2014. Eight months on I am fully healed and delighted with my results.  I was wearing a size GG in a bra before the surgery and was very unhappy with both the appearance, and the physical discomfort that my breasts were causing me. I did a lot of research on breast reduction surgery and was interested but nervous about what the procedure would involve, but when I had my first consultation to discuss the surgery with Dr O’ Donovan I was given the facts about both the risks and benefits of this surgery. I liked that there was no pressure to go for the procedure, just clear information.
I decided to go ahead and had my surgery in April. I was amazed immediately after the operation to find that I had little to no  discomfort as the hospital staff were expert in pain management.  Recovery and healing took some time but I was very reassured by the fact that Dr O’Donovan and the nursing staff at Aesthetic Surgery were easy to contact and visit when I needed reassurance and help with dressing changes.  I have found that the physical discomfort (from the weight of my large breasts) is only a memory now. I no longer needed to take painkillers for my back and neck. I am now in an “E’ cup bra which is a lot more proportionate for my frame. I also feel a lot more confident about my physical appearance  and am enjoying buying clothes that are not for camouflage purposes!
Overall I am very happy that I had this procedure and very happy indeed that I was looked after so well by Dr O’Donovan and his team. They made me feel very secure and very well looked after throughout the whole experience.

29yr old female who had Abdominoplasty and Brachioplasty with Dr Patricia Eadie in April 2014

I attended Aesthetic Surgery Ireland for an abdominoplasty and brachioplasty with Dr. Eadie in April 2014. From start to finish I received excellent treatment. It is over one year since surgery and I am amazed at the physical results. I had lost over 10 stone and had a lot of excess skin on my stomach and upper arms. When I first saw Dr. Eadie, she gave me all the information I required to make my decision. She made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I am more than satisfied with the results and my entire experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland. The staff, nurses and doctors which I had direct contact with were extremely friendly and I feel I was well looked after and given the attention I required.
Since surgery I feel fantastic and I have so much more confidence now. I would recommend anyone who has lost weight and has excess skin to get it removed. I highly recommend Aesthetic Surgery Ireland and Dr. Eadie as they carry out amazing work.

44yr old female patient who had Breast Reduction surgery under the care of Mr Brian Kneafsey in Jan 2015

I had breast reduction surgery on 22nd January 2015. I got Mr Kneafsey’s name from my sister-in-law who had the same operation with him a few years beforehand and was extremely happy with him. He made me feel really comfortable as I thought it would be very strange another man looking at or touching my breasts but I was totally as ease with him. I am 44 and have wanted to have this done for years but never did anything about it. I have always hated my breasts and the pain that came with having such large ones (GG) It’s just over four months now and I feel great and love the way I look. I was lucky enough to have the procedure covered by my health insurance as I had lost a lot of weight and nothing from my breast meant I fitted the criteria.  I wasn’t in as much pain after the operation as I thought I would be, I was out walking with the dog four days after the operation.  The staff in the hospital were professional and friendly.  All the staff in ASI are extremely friendly and helpful and professional, I couldn’t say a bad word about any of them or fault the treatment I received. Having the operation was the best decision I made as I have no more neck and shoulder pain and it has changed the whole shape of my body.  Thanks to Dr. KneafseyValerie and staff.

55yr old female patient who had breast reduction surgery in Jan 2015 under the care of Mr David O’Donovan

“Without any exaggeration, I found the experience [of breast-reduction surgery] to be life-changing in a totally positive way. It has restored my self-image; I feel normal again. Many thanks to David O’Donovan and all at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland.”

27yr old Female patient who had Rhinoplasty with Mr Brian Kneafsey in July 2015

I had Rhinoplasty done on July 16th 2015. I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I have always struggled with how my nose looked, however, between college and other life choices, there was never really the ‘right’ time to get it done.  However, in May 2015 I finally decided to get my act together and get it done. I spent hours researching  Rhinoplasty and suitable surgeons in the country. Mr Kneafsey’s name kept appearing. I went to my GP to discuss this and he also recommended Mr. Kneafsey.  I got in contact with the aesthetic surgery clinic and they were nothing but nice and professional. I had two consultations which explained in great detail the procedure. I had the operation on the 16thof July and it went extremely well. I was left home the next day and had to wear a cast on my nose for a week.  Overall my experience with the Aesthetic Surgery was second to none and I cannot speak highly enough of it. Valerie (Mr Kneafsey’s secretary) is extremely nice to me and told me to ring at anytime.  I can say this whole experience has changed my life. Thank you to all in the Aesthetic Surgery for everything ye have done for me.

68yr old female patient who had facelift procedure with Mr David O’Donovan in June 2015

I had a face lift on the 5-6-2015 and it was the best decision I have ever made overjoyed with the results . I cant recommend Mr O Donovan highly enough after one week I had my stitches removed with no visible signs of surgery I would say to anyone don’t think about it just do it .

49yr old female patient who had Breast Reduction surgery with Mr David O’Donovan in Jan 2016

“I was anxious about having a breast reduction having considered the possibility for over 20 years. However, my recent experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland left me feeling that I should have done it a long time ago. I cannot speak highly enough about their understanding and professional manner.This can be said of everyone involved, from the warmth and discretion of the practice manager and nurses (who were also very much a part of the consultative process) to the anaesthetist and Dr O Donovan who were there to allay any worries at every step of the journey. Above all, I felt safe in the knowledge that everyone really knew what they were doing. Having come out the other side, I am extremely happy with the outcome both medically and aesthetically”

44yr old female patient who had breast reduction surgery under the care of Ms Margaret O’Donnell in Aug 2014

“Making the decision to have my breasts reduced was not easy as I loved my big 32JJ breasts but could no longer live with the ongoing pain and discomfort. I found all the staff at Aesthetic Surgery Clinic to be warm and helpful while Ms O’Donnell was professional, kind and respectful at all times. Ms O’Donnell provides relaxed and warm consultations where time and thought is given to your individual needs and concerns. I felt listened to, respected and cared for from the outset. Everything went brilliantly with the procedure and Ms O’Donnell and her team were absolutely spot-on regarding what to expect afterwards. I can’t recommend her more highly”

57yr old female patient who had breast reduction surgery with Ms Margaret O’Donnell in Nov 2015

For many years I have unhappily endured all that goes with having a very large bust size.  Constant pressure of excess weight, severe neck and shoulder pain, dents in my shoulders from bra straps struggling to support the weight of my breasts and the emotional distress that comes with all of this.  As I got older the distress worsened.  A decision to work for myself meant long hours and lots of travel and because of the discomfort of excess breast weight, all I could do was collapse and lie down at the end of my working days.  To make matters worse, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and my body weight increased, all contributing to what was a dismal looking future.   Looking forward I realised that I mentally would not be able to deal with this and would have to do something about it.   My GP referred me to ASI and Ms. Margaret O Donnell.  I knew from my first appointment with Ms O Donnell that I was definitely going to have breast reduction surgery, despite the hurdles that I would have to overcome.  Ms O Donnell was quite clear that this was achievable and encouraged me to think about it and return to her at a later date. I never felt rushed into making a decision but all all times felt the support and encouragement of Ms O Donnell and the team at ASI.   Strange to say but I was looking forward to the surgery.  On the morning of my surgery, there was no delay.  Ms O Donnell spoke with me as I was prepared for surgery and reassured me about the difference this would mean for me. She was so right.  Not long after I regained consciousness  Ms O Donnell was there to check me over and instill confidence in me that the procedure was successful.  At no stage did I have any questions as I did not feel it was necessary, all had been explained so thoroughly to me in the lead up to this moment.  I spent two days in hospital being very well cared for.   I was ‘comfortably uncomfortable, had no pain but felt very cautious’, this is the only way of describing how it was for me after my surgery.   The after-care at ASI is beyond expectations.  Ms O Donnell instills such an air of care, confidence and expertise that it filters throughout each stage of patient care and I needed all of it.  I really felt that I didn’t have to think about the surgery at all as Ms O Donnell and the team have every stage covered.  Hanna, Arlene, Sharon, Valerie and Laura,  have all contributed to my new improved positive future.  Thank you to all of them.  I now have to learn how to walk differently, get a whole new wardrobe and get used to my wonderful new shape and slimmer figure.   Margaret O Donnell is the ultimate professional, exceptionally respectful, understanding, kind and truly amazing at her job. I extend a BIG thank you to her.

55yr old male patient who had Blepharoplasty surgery with Mr Brian Kneafsey in April 2016

It’s almost 4 weeks since I had my eyelid surgery with Mr Kneafsey, I could not be happier with the results, Driving for a living caused me problems especially at night, the excess skin on my eyes caused me discomfort and vision problems, I can’t believe how successful the surgery has been, I would have no hesitation in recommending the procedure to anyone with similar problems, the entire process was so professional from start to finish,  A big thank you to all involved.

29yr old female patient who had abdominoplasty with Mr David O’Donovan in August 2015

After two big babies I was left with a large abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and wrinkly excess skin on my tummy. I was very unhappy and lacking confidence in my own skin. I researched long and hard about surgery and different surgeons, but from the my very first consultation with Dr. O’Donovan he put me at ease. My surgery went very well all the staff at the hospital were so helpful and caring. I had a speedy recovery, the aftercare I received was amazing, if ever I had a query I could just call Valerie at the clinic. It’s now 9 months on and my stomach is smooth and flat, the scar has healed very well. My confidence has grown so much I now feel so comfortable in my own skin, and have no discomfort as I previously would have had due to the muscle separation. I wore a bikini since surgery and I felt amazing. I researched alot before deciding to go ahead as at the time of my surgery I was 28 years old with two kids that in itself had to be taking into consideration for recovery and all, but I am so happy I went ahead with my abdominalplasty and that I chose Dr. O’Donovan as my surgeon.

20yr old female patient who underwent Breast Reduction surgery under the care of Mr Brian Kneafsey in May 2016

“On the 30th of May 2016 I underwent breast reduction surgery with Mr. Brian Kneafsey. From my very first consultation until now (7 weeks post op) there hasn’t been a minute that I haven’t felt completely looked after by Brian, Laura and the Aesthetic Surgery Ireland team. During my first consultation Brian – through his unquestionable expertise, answered all my concerns regarding the surgery which was very reassuring. From that consultation to the day of the procedure nothing was too big or too small. I was sent a package of very useful information regarding the breast reduction procedure, healing time, aftercare and hospital stay. Correspondence with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland felt so personalized. Brian’s secretary Laura went above and beyond to address any of my clerical queries that arose. This wasn’t only extremely helpful, it also proved that I had a great team supporting me.  On the day of the operation Brian came in to me to go over the process of the procedure again. He put me at ease because as with the consultations everything felt very personal. Being able to speak to Brian before and after the operation reassured me that I was in safe hands. I am absolutely delighted with the results and 100% know that choosing to undergo this procedure with Brian and his team is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

34yr old female patient who had breast augmentation under the care of Mr David O’Donovan in June 2016

After loosing weight I became flat chested. I lost my confidence, I didn’t feel good in my skin. I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted.  I decided to get breast augmentation. I was thinking about the surgery and doing research for 2 years. Went to a number of consultation. I was very scared of the surgery and the outcome as well. I was nervous thinking what if I wasn`t happy with the result.Then  I found Mr O’Donovan. The moment I saw him for my first consultation I knew he was my surgeon. He always made me feel comfortable. He answered all of my questions, told me his opinion, and made me less nervous about the procedure. So I decided to go for the surgery. I had the procedure done in the Hermitage Clinic. The clinic and the staff was amazing. Everybody was very patient and caring, they all tried to make me at ease. I spent 2 days in the hospital after the surgery, and then I had 2 weeks recovery at home. I had no complications, received plenty of pain medication, and I didn’t even take it after the 3rd day. Now I had my 6 weeks check up, everything is great, I am back to my normal routine. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The scar is tiny, and looks very neat. The shape and the size of my breasts are perfect.  I would recommend Mr. O’Donovan and the whole team at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland to anybody.

58yr old female patient who is a regular user of the Image Skincare Range along with our nurse led treatments and peels.

I used to have pigmentation problems on my face and neck, and had lost confidence in myself as a result.  Image Products literally changed my life and restored my confidence.  The products are exceptional and have resolved my problem.  The icing on the cake was a lightening peel which made my skin look as good as it had been before the pigmentation problem.  I will never use any other products to protect and restore my skin.

43yr old female patient who had bilateral breast reduction surgery under the care of Mr Brian Kneafsey in May 2016

I decided after many years of just coping with my 34J breasts to finally have a reduction.    I was referred to Mr Brian Kneafsey by my doctor.  From my first visit I found the staff at aesthetic surgery extremely helpful and friendly.  Mr Kneafsey himself is a very nice and and reassuring surgeon.  I had my surgery in May and was in hospital for two day.  My breasts were reduced to DD and I’m so happy with the results.  Yes it was painful after surgery and took a number of weeks to recover from but the results were worth it all.  I am a happier confident person after the surgery and would 100% recommend Mr Kneafsey and the clinic for their superb work and after care.

63yr old female patient who had bilateral breast reduction surgery under the care of Dr Patrica Eadie in March 2016

For years I suffered from shoulder pain which spread to my back.  I spent a fortune on physio, had acupuncture and cortisone injections but still no relief. It was suggested that my problems could stem from the size of my breasts relative to my frame. However a breast reduction procedure did not seem that attractive and seemed a bit drastic. After a lot of investigation and having heard of Dr. Patricia Eadie from a friend I decided to make an appointment. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Eadie I knew I had found the surgeon I had confidence in to perform my surgery. She gave me all the information I needed and did not rush me in making my decision. I first attended her in Oct 2015 and had my breast reduction operation in March 2016 in the Sports Clinic. I spent two days in hospital with very little discomfort.

My back and shoulder pain  disappeared.  I am sorry I did not have this operation years ago.

26yr old who have Rhinoplasty surgery with Mr David O’Donovan in June 2017

“After years of feeling self-conscious about the shape of my nose, I decided to undergo a closed rhinoplasty at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland in June 2017. I had seen consultants at other practices, but if I’m honest none of them made me feel completely comfortable. Within minutes of meeting Mr O’Donovan, however, I knew that he was the surgeon I wanted. He was informative, professional and extremely approachable. His level of expertise became clear very quickly. What surprised me the most was how pain-free the surgery was. Of course people will recover at different rates, but for me there was literally no pain. The bruising lasted about 2 weeks, but other than that there was no active pain or discomfort. The congestion inside the nose and sinus area was no worse than having the flu. Valerie and all of the support staff at ASI were absolutely fantastic – they made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped in the door. I’ve just finished my 8 week checkup and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. I wouldn’t give a second thought to recommending Mr O’Donovan and the ASI team to anyone in the future.”

49yr old female patient who had bilateral breast augmentation under the care of Ms Margaret O’Donnell in March 2017

“My GP recommended Aesthetic Surgery Ireland and from my very first visit, I knew it was the right choice. Everyone was so warm, supportive and highly professional. Ms O’Donnell thoroughly discussed every aspect of my potential surgery and what I could expect at every stage. She fully answered all my questions and I was encouraged to take my time to decide. I never felt pressure to go ahead but I am extremely happy I did. I am so pleased with the results of my surgery. Ms O’Donnell and her team are wonderful and I am very grateful for the expert care I received. I really could not recommend Aesthetic Surgery Ireland highly enough.”