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  • Dr Margaret O’Donnell, president of the IAPS, said the latest concerns about implants add to the need for a central database on plastic surgery. Read her interview in the Irish Independent 25th September 2015 here.
  • Meet one of our surgeons Mr David O’Donovan as he appears on The RTE Documentary on Crumlin Childrens Hospital.  This fly on the wall documentary was filmed over eight months and observes paediatric care from the point of view of the medical practitioner.  See it here.
  • With the demand for Cosmetic Surgery increasing year after year, our very own Ms Margaret O’Donnell (IAPS President) speaks to the Independent Newspaper on 4th Jan 2015 about the importance of having proper regulation in this fast growing industry. Read it here


  • Dr Patricia Eadie speaks to Newstalk this morning 18th Dec 2014 about the dangers of unregulated  treatments in the cosmetic surgery industry.  Listen to it here.
  • Dr Patricia Eadie gives her expert opinion about the positive effects of donating your body to medical science after death, and how its on the increase, published in the Independent on 26th Oct 2014. Read it here. It was accompanied with an RTE programme called A Parting Gift.
  • Dr O’Donnell said even doctors who called themselves cosmetic surgeons were confusing the public. Irish Examiner Friday 5th Sept 2014 – Read the full interview here. 
  • Dr Margaret O’Donnell, President of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons, said the lack of regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry, and the failure by authorities to properly enforce safeguards in some beauty salons, was a “scandal”. Irish Independent Friday 5th September 2014- Read the full interview here
  • Ms Margaret O‘Donnell speaking to RTE 1 Radio about the importance of picking a suitably qualified surgeon for your surgical and non-surgical treatments. Listen to it here.
  • Dr. Patricia Eadie, Chairperson of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeon wrote an open letter for the Irish Times on the importance of regulation in Plastic Surgery on 31st Jan 2014.  Read it here.