Here you will find comments previous patients of ASI’s surgeons have made regarding their care and treatment with us.

“Within minutes of meeting Dr. Eadie I knew I had found the surgeon I had confidence in to perform my surgery.”

63yr old female patient who had bilateral breast reduction surgery 
under the care of Dr Patrica Eadie in March 2016

For years I suffered from shoulder pain which spread to my back.  I spent a fortune on physio, had acupuncture and cortisone injections but still no relief. It was suggested that my problems could stem from the size of my breasts relative to my frame. However a breast reduction procedure did not seem that attractive and seemed a bit drastic. After a lot of investigation and having heard of Dr. Patricia Eadie from a friend I decided to make an appointment. Within minutes of meeting Dr. Eadie I knew I had found the surgeon I had confidence in to perform my surgery. She gave me all the information I needed and did not rush me in making my decision. I first attended her in Oct 2015 and had my breast reduction operation in March 2016 in the Sports Clinic. I spent two days in hospital with very little discomfort. 


My back and shoulder pain  disappeared.  I am sorry I did not have this operation years ago. 

 “I am a happier confident person after the surgery and would 100% recommend Mr Kneafsey and the clinic for their superb work and after care.”

43yr old female patient who had bilateral breast reduction surgery 
under the care of Mr Brian Kneafsey in May 2016

I decided after many years of just coping with my 34J breasts to finally have a reduction.    I was referred to Mr Brian Kneafsey by my doctor.  From my first visit I found the staff at aesthetic surgery extremely helpful and friendly.  Mr Kneafsey himself is a very nice and and reassuring surgeon.  I had my surgery in May and was in hospital for two day.  My breasts were reduced to DD and I’m so happy with the results.  Yes it was painful after surgery and took a number of weeks to recover from but the results were worth it all.  I am a happier confident person after the surgery and would 100% recommend Mr Kneafsey and the clinic for their superb work and after care.

“Image Products literally changed my life and restored my confidence.”

58yr old female patient who is a regular user of the 
Image Skincare Range along with our nurse led treatments and peels.

I used to have pigmentation problems on my face and neck, and had lost confidence in myself as a result.  Image Products literally changed my life and restored my confidence.  The products are exceptional and have resolved my problem.  The icing on the cake was a lightening peel which made my skin look as good as it had been before the pigmentation problem.  I will never use any other products to protect and restore my skin.


“I would recommend Mr. O’Donovan and the whole team at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland to anybody.”

34yr old female patient who had breast augmentation 
under the care of Mr David O'Donovan in June 2016

After loosing weight I became flat chested. I lost my confidence, I didn’t feel good in my skin. I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted.  I decided to get breast augmentation. I was thinking about the surgery and doing research for 2 years. Went to a number of consultation. I was very scared of the surgery and the outcome as well. I was nervous thinking what if I wasn`t happy with the result.Then  I found Mr O’Donovan. The moment I saw him for my first consultation I knew he was my surgeon. He always made me feel comfortable. He answered all of my questions, told me his opinion, and made me less nervous about the procedure. So I decided to go for the surgery. I had the procedure done in the Hermitage Clinic. The clinic and the staff was amazing. Everybody was very patient and caring, they all tried to make me at ease. I spent 2 days in the hospital after the surgery, and then I had 2 weeks recovery at home. I had no complications, received plenty of pain medication, and I didn’t even take it after the 3rd day. Now I had my 6 weeks check up, everything is great, I am back to my normal routine. I couldn’t be happier with the result. The scar is tiny, and looks very neat. The shape and the size of my breasts are perfect.  I would recommend Mr. O’Donovan and the whole team at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland to anybody.

“I am absolutely delighted with the results and 100% know that choosing to undergo this procedure with Brian and his team is the best decision I’ve ever made”

20yr old female patient who underwent Breast Reduction 
surgery under the care of Mr Brian Kneafsey in May 2016

“On the 30th of May 2016 I underwent breast reduction surgery with Mr. Brian Kneafsey. From my very first consultation until now (7 weeks post op) there hasn’t been a minute that I haven’t felt completely looked after by Brian, Laura and the Aesthetic Surgery Ireland team. During my first consultation Brian – through his unquestionable expertise, answered all my concerns regarding the surgery which was very reassuring. From that consultation to the day of the procedure nothing was too big or too small. I was sent a package of very useful information regarding the breast reduction procedure, healing time, aftercare and hospital stay. Correspondence with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland felt so personalized. Brian’s secretary Laura went above and beyond to address any of my clerical queries that arose. This wasn’t only extremely helpful, it also proved that I had a great team supporting me.  On the day of the operation Brian came in to me to go over the process of the procedure again. He put me at ease because as with the consultations everything felt very personal. Being able to speak to Brian before and after the operation reassured me that I was in safe hands. I am absolutely delighted with the results and 100% know that choosing to undergo this procedure with Brian and his team is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“I am so happy I went ahead with my abdominoplasty and that I chose Dr. O’Donovan as my surgeon”

29yr old female patient who had abdominoplasty with Mr David O'Donovan 
in August 2015

After two big babies I was left with a large abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and wrinkly excess skin on my tummy. I was very unhappy and lacking confidence in my own skin. I researched long and hard about surgery and different surgeons, but from the my very first consultation with Dr. O’Donovan he put me at ease. My surgery went very well all the staff at the hospital were so helpful and caring. I had a speedy recovery, the aftercare I received was amazing, if ever I had a query I could just call Valerie at the clinic. It’s now 9 months on and my stomach is smooth and flat, the scar has healed very well. My confidence has grown so much I now feel so comfortable in my own skin, and have no discomfort as I previously would have had due to the muscle separation. I wore a bikini since surgery and I felt amazing. I researched alot before deciding to go ahead as at the time of my surgery I was 28 years old with two kids that in itself had to be taking into consideration for recovery and all, but I am so happy I went ahead with my abdominalplasty and that I chose Dr. O’Donovan as my surgeon.

“I can’t believe how successful the surgery has been,”

55yr old male patient who had Blepharoplasty surgery with Mr Brian Kneafsey 
in April 2016

It’s almost 4 weeks since I had my eyelid surgery with Mr Kneafsey, I could not be happier with the results, Driving for a living caused me problems especially at night, the excess skin on my eyes caused me discomfort and vision problems, I can’t believe how successful the surgery has been, I would have no hesitation in recommending the procedure to anyone with similar problems, the entire process was so professional from start to finish,  A big thank you to all involved.

“The after-care at ASI is beyond expectations.”

57yr old female patient who had breast reduction surgery with 
Ms Margaret O'Donnell in Nov 2015

For many years I have unhappily endured all that goes with having a very large bust size.  Constant pressure of excess weight, severe neck and shoulder pain, dents in my shoulders from bra straps struggling to support the weight of my breasts and the emotional distress that comes with all of this.  As I got older the distress worsened.  A decision to work for myself meant long hours and lots of travel and because of the discomfort of excess breast weight, all I could do was collapse and lie down at the end of my working days.  To make matters worse, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and my body weight increased, all contributing to what was a dismal looking future.   Looking forward I realised that I mentally would not be able to deal with this and would have to do something about it.   My GP referred me to ASI and Ms. Margaret O Donnell.  I knew from my first appointment with Ms O Donnell that I was definitely going to have breast reduction surgery, despite the hurdles that I would have to overcome.  Ms O Donnell was quite clear that this was achievable and encouraged me to think about it and return to her at a later date. I never felt rushed into making a decision but all all times felt the support and encouragement of Ms O Donnell and the team at ASI.   Strange to say but I was looking forward to the surgery.  On the morning of my surgery, there was no delay.  Ms O Donnell spoke with me as I was prepared for surgery and reassured me about the difference this would mean for me. She was so right.  Not long after I regained consciousness  Ms O Donnell was there to check me over and instill confidence in me that the procedure was successful.  At no stage did I have any questions as I did not feel it was necessary, all had been explained so thoroughly to me in the lead up to this moment.  I spent two days in hospital being very well cared for.   I was ‘comfortably uncomfortable, had no pain but felt very cautious’, this is the only way of describing how it was for me after my surgery.   The after-care at ASI is beyond expectations.  Ms O Donnell instills such an air of care, confidence and expertise that it filters throughout each stage of patient care and I needed all of it.  I really felt that I didn’t have to think about the surgery at all as Ms O Donnell and the team have every stage covered.  Hanna, Arlene, Sharon, Valerie and Laura,  have all contributed to my new improved positive future.  Thank you to all of them.  I now have to learn how to walk differently, get a whole new wardrobe and get used to my wonderful new shape and slimmer figure.   Margaret O Donnell is the ultimate professional, exceptionally respectful, understanding, kind and truly amazing at her job. I extend a BIG thank you to her.

“I found all the staff at Aesthetic Surgery Clinic to be warm and helpful while Ms O’Donnell was professional, kind and respectful at all times”

44yr old female patient who had breast reduction surgery 
under the care of Ms Margaret O'Donnell in Aug 2014

“Making the decision to have my breasts reduced was not easy as I loved my big 32JJ breasts but could no longer live with the ongoing pain and discomfort. I found all the staff at Aesthetic Surgery Clinic to be warm and helpful while Ms O’Donnell was professional, kind and respectful at all times. Ms O’Donnell provides relaxed and warm consultations where time and thought is given to your individual needs and concerns. I felt listened to, respected and cared for from the outset. Everything went brilliantly with the procedure and Ms O’Donnell and her team were absolutely spot-on regarding what to expect afterwards. I can’t recommend her more highly”

“I cannot speak highly enough about their understanding and professional manner.”

"49yr old female patient who had Breast Reduction surgery with Mr David O'Donovan in Jan 2016"

“I was anxious about having a breast reduction having considered the possibility for over 20 years. However, my recent experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland left me feeling that I should have done it a long time ago. I cannot speak highly enough about their understanding and professional manner.This can be said of everyone involved, from the warmth and discretion of the practice manager and nurses (who were also very much a part of the consultative process) to the anaesthetist and Dr O Donovan who were there to allay any worries at every step of the journey. Above all, I felt safe in the knowledge that everyone really knew what they were doing. Having come out the other side, I am extremely happy with the outcome both medically and aesthetically”

“I cant recommend Mr O Donovan highly enough” 

68yr old female patient who had facelift procedure with Mr David O'Donovan 
in June 2015

I had a face lift on the 5-6-2015 and it was the best decision I have ever made overjoyed with the results . I cant recommend Mr O Donovan highly enough after one week I had my stitches removed with no visible signs of surgery I would say to anyone don’t think about it just do it .

“Overall my experience with the Aesthetic Surgery was second to none and I cannot speak highly enough of it.”

27yr old Female patient who had Rhinoplasty with Mr Brian Kneafsey 
in July 2015

I had Rhinoplasty done on July 16th 2015. I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I have always struggled with how my nose looked, however, between college and other life choices, there was never really the ‘right’ time to get it done.  However, in May 2015 I finally decided to get my act together and get it done. I spent hours researching  Rhinoplasty and suitable surgeons in the country. Mr Kneafsey’s name kept appearing. I went to my GP to discuss this and he also recommended Mr. Kneafsey.  I got in contact with the aesthetic surgery clinic and they were nothing but nice and professional. I had two consultations which explained in great detail the procedure. I had the operation on the 16th of July and it went extremely well. I was left home the next day and had to wear a cast on my nose for a week.  Overall my experience with the Aesthetic Surgery was second to none and I cannot speak highly enough of it. Valerie (Mr Kneafsey’s secretary) is extremely nice to me and told me to ring at anytime.  I can say this whole experience has changed my life. Thank you to all in the Aesthetic Surgery for everything ye have done for me.

“I feel normal again”

55yr old female patient who had breast reduction surgery in 
Jan 2015 under the care of Mr David O'Donovan

“Without any exaggeration, I found the experience [of breast-reduction surgery] to be life-changing in a totally positive way. It has restored my self-image; I feel normal again. Many thanks to David O’Donovan and all at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland.”

“Having the operation was the best decision I made as I have no more neck and shoulder pain and it has changed the whole shape of my body” 

44yr old female patient who had Breast Reduction surgery under the care 
of Mr Brian Kneafsey in Jan 2015


I had breast reduction surgery on 22nd January 2015. I got Mr Kneafsey’s name from my sister-in-law who had the same operation with him a few years beforehand and was extremely happy with him. He made me feel really comfortable as I thought it would be very strange another man looking at or touching my breasts but I was totally as ease with him. I am 44 and have wanted to have this done for years but never did anything about it. I have always hated my breasts and the pain that came with having such large ones (GG) It’s just over four months now and I feel great and love the way I look. I was lucky enough to have the procedure covered by my health insurance as I had lost a lot of weight and nothing from my breast meant I fitted the criteria.  I wasn’t in as much pain after the operation as I thought I would be, I was out walking with the dog four days after the operation.  The staff in the hospital were professional and friendly.  All the staff in ASI are extremely friendly and helpful and professional, I couldn’t say a bad word about any of them or fault the treatment I received. Having the operation was the best decision I made as I have no more neck and shoulder pain and it has changed the whole shape of my body.  Thanks to Dr. Kneafsey, Valerie and staff.

I am more than satisfied with the results and my entire experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland.

29yr old female who had Abdominoplasty and Brachioplasty with 
Dr Patricia Eadie in April 2014

I attended Aesthetic Surgery Ireland for an abdominoplasty and brachioplasty with Dr. Eadie in April 2014. From start to finish I received excellent treatment. It is over one year since surgery and I am amazed at the physical results. I had lost over 10 stone and had a lot of excess skin on my stomach and upper arms. When I first saw Dr. Eadie, she gave me all the information I required to make my decision. She made me feel completely comfortable and at ease. I am more than satisfied with the results and my entire experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland. The staff, nurses and doctors which I had direct contact with were extremely friendly and I feel I was well looked after and given the attention I required.
Since surgery I feel fantastic and I have so much more confidence now. I would recommend anyone who has lost weight and has excess skin to get it removed. I highly recommend Aesthetic Surgery Ireland and Dr. Eadie as they carry out amazing work.

“Dr O’Donovan and the nursing staff at Aesthetic Surgery were easy to contact and visit when I needed reassurance and help”

45yr old female patient who had breast reduction with 
Mr David O'Donovan in March 2014

I had my breast reduction surgery with Dr David O’Donovan in April of 2014. Eight months on I am fully healed and delighted with my results.  I was wearing a size GG in a bra before the surgery and was very unhappy with both the appearance, and the physical discomfort that my breasts were causing me. I did a lot of research on breast reduction surgery and was interested but nervous about what the procedure would involve, but when I had my first consultation to discuss the surgery with Dr O’ Donovan I was given the facts about both the risks and benefits of this surgery. I liked that there was no pressure to go for the procedure, just clear information.
I decided to go ahead and had my surgery in April. I was amazed immediately after the operation to find that I had little to no  discomfort as the hospital staff were expert in pain management.  Recovery and healing took some time but I was very reassured by the fact that Dr O’Donovan and the nursing staff at Aesthetic Surgery were easy to contact and visit when I needed reassurance and help with dressing changes.  I have found that the physical discomfort (from the weight of my large breasts) is only a memory now. I no longer needed to take painkillers for my back and neck. I am now in an “E’ cup bra which is a lot more proportionate for my frame. I also feel a lot more confident about my physical appearance  and am enjoying buying clothes that are not for camouflage purposes!
Overall I am very happy that I had this procedure and very happy indeed that I was looked after so well by Dr O’Donovan and his team. They made me feel very secure and very well looked after throughout the whole experience.

“I would highly recommend ASI for anyone considering breast reduction.”

39yr old female, Breast Reduction surgery, Ms. O’Donnell July 2014

I had been considering breast reduction for some time and a friend recommended ASI and Ms. O’Donnell. An appointment was set up and from the very outset I felt I had made the right choice. Every staff member I met in ASI were very professional and efficient. Appointments were made to suit my schedule, including early mornings and early evenings! Ms. O’Donnell clearly explained what the procedure would involve and even showed me sample pictures of what I would look like post surgery. I found these pictures really reassuring as they were from ‘real’ women who had undergone the same surgery. I was willing to pay for this privately, but was told that my health insurance would cover it given certain criteria. One of the criteria was having a BMI of 25 or below, something which I thought I would struggle with, as I am in the category of ‘shifting the extra few pounds’. Louise (Secretary to Ms. O’Donnell) was the catalyst in making me shift those few pounds…. Her words of wisdom stuck with me and it is thanks to them that I managed to get my BMI to 25. I could not believe how fast things moved once my insurance agreed to cover the costs. Again, surgery dates were scheduled to suit me. Every effort was made to ensure that I was happy with the hospital and planned dates. I received a call from Sharon before the operation to run through things again and offered me an opportunity to ask questions that only came to me at the last minute.  I am absolutely thrilled with my new shape and size.. I couldn’t have imagined it would be like this, but it has made a world of a difference. My post surgery visits were very supportive. Arlene’s advice on the dressings was invaluable as I was going on holidays and wanted to be sure I could look after them appropriately. To conclude, if you are even starting to think about breast reduction, make an appointment with Ms. O’Donnell in ASI and have that chat. I would totally recommend Ms. O’Donnell and the ASI for the care, support and professionalism which was shown to me with what is a life changing decision.

“All the staff at ASI were helpful any time I phoned with a query. What really stood out for me was the aftercare I received.”

31yr old female patient who had bilateral breast reduction in Jan 2014 under the care of Dr Patricia Eadie

“I first heard about Dr. Eadie and Aesthetic Surgery Ireland through a friend. For years I was unhappy with the size of my breasts, I thought they were disproportionate in comparison to the rest of my body size and I finally decided to do something about it. When I first went to see Dr. Eadie she was upfront about the risks of the procedure and realistic about what she could do for me. I never felt under any pressure to proceed with the surgery and was given plenty of time to make my decision.  Her nursing staff were also very friendly, reassuring and helpful throughout all my visits. All the staff at ASI were helpful any time I phoned with a query. What really stood out for me was the aftercare I received. I had a small infection in one of my stitches, I phoned and explained my query and I was seen the next day. That was the care and reassurance I needed after having such a big surgery. I could not recommend Dr. Eadie and ASI highly enough.”

Dr. Eadie was fantastic… personally, professionally and totally up front about what was realistic and attainable”

56yr old male who had upper & lower blepharoplasty in April 2014

“After one too many friends had mentioned over a long period of time how tired I looked and how droopy my eyelids were, on my G.P.’s recommendation I went to see Dr. Patricia Eadie for a consult, purely to see what could be “fixed”.  As a guy I was totally out of my comfort zone contemplating such an option but Dr. Eadie was fantastic… personally, professionally and totally up front about what was realistic and attainable.  I had made up my mind before I left her office.  I had upper and lower blepharoplasty, no complications and less facial bruising than expect.  When people look at me and say “what’s different about you?” I just smile and mentally thank Dr. Eadie.”

“I could not recommend him highly enough”

34yr old female patient who underwent Rhinoplasty with Mr Brian Kneafsey in Sept 2014

I was quite nervous before going through with my rhinoplasty surgery as it was a second procedure to correct a previous rhinoplasty with a different surgeon. I met with Mr. Kneafsey over a two year period as it was a big decision for me. Once I finally decided to go through with the procedure I could not have been happier with the result. I was looking for a subtle difference (to refine the tip) and was genuinely delighted with the result. There was very little bruising and I was back in work 8 days after the procedure.  Mr. Kneafsey and his practice manager Valerie were able to answer all my questions and concerns in a professional, straightforward and warm manner. Mr. Kneafsey managed my expectations so that I knew exactly what the outcome would be and therefore was more than happy with the result. I could not recommend him highly enough.

“Dr Kneafsey has a wonderful manner to him and I felt that I could trust him”

23yr old female, Rhinoplasty procedure under the care of 
Mr Brian Kneafsey in April 2014

After years of not liking my nose. I finally took the step to get my nose done. my GP recommend Dr Kneafsey. I had a massive bump on my nose and my nose was crooked to look at. my GP assured me that Dr Kneafsey was the person to see. I was a bit nervous as I did not now what to expect. Everyone from the lady at the desk to Dr Kneafsey secretary were lovely. Dr Kneafsey has a wonderful manner to him and I felt that I could trust him. He made sure that I was happy and I had three pre-operative consultation so that I was happy and he was happy. I had my surgery done in the Blackrock clinic and every thing was wonderful. I can honestly say the results were better then I could imagine. I only have Dr Kneafsey to thank for my amazing nose and also the staff at Dr Kneafsey office were wonderful. I would really recommend them to anyone looking to get what I got done.

“I felt secure, happy, taken care off and I knew I was in safe hands”

Liposuction of abdomen, 30yr old female by Mr Brian Kneafsey  
July 2014

In July of this year I underwent Liposuction of the Abdomen with Mr. Kneafsey. I was always very self conscious of my stomach. I was quite a chubby child growing up and while I lost most of the “puppy fat”, I could never shift the fat on my stomach. I go to the gym 5 times a week and have a very healthy diet but nothing worked for me, which had an effect on my self confidence. When I mentioned to a family member that I was looking into liposuction, they recommended ASI to me, as they had a procedure done with the clinic and were extremely happy with the whole process. When I went to my first appointment with Mr Kneafsey I was quite nervous but he explained everything about the surgery, what I can expect immediately after the procedure and how long recovery time I could expect. I decided to have the surgery preformed in Blackrock Clinic. From my first consultation in ASI, to the procedure in Blackrock Clinic and right to my last consultation I felt secure, happy, taken care off and I knew I was in safe hands. After the surgery it was sore for a few days but I didn’t require any strong pain relief. I could see a difference immediately, although I am still healing. The staff in ASI is warm and welcoming and the clinic itself is immaculate. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome and I can not recommend ASI and Mr Kneafsey highly enough.

 “I found the consultation rooms to have a relaxed friendly atmosphere in nice surroundings.”

52yr old lady who had Blepharoplasty with Ms Margaret O'Donnell Feb 2014

I had Blepharoplasty about 6 months ago as I had excess tissue above my eyes and I was becoming very self conscious about it, the later in the day it got the more obvious it became.   I arranged to have a consultation with Margaret O’Donnell and have some of my questions answered.  I found her to be very straightforward and she had a very down to earth approach, I felt I was in very good hands.  I found the consultation rooms to have a relaxed friendly atmosphere in nice surroundings.  I am a 52 year old woman  so I didn’t expect to come out of it looking like a 20 year old ! having said that, I am very happy with the results, I definitely see a big improvement  and am no longer self conscious.  I’m not so sure anyone else could tell I’d had surgery, there are definitely no tell tale signs !  just the benefit of my eyes looking more open and less heavy lidded.  I would have no hesitation in recommending ASI to any of my family or friends and likewise would be happy to use ASI again for any other procedures that I might have done in the future.

“My experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland has been wonderful from start to finish.”

27yr old female, Breast Reduction surgery with Abdominoplasty with Mr David O'Donovan in July 2014

My experience with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland has been wonderful from start to finish. After years of dis-satisfaction with my body following a significant weight loss, I felt I had to do something about it. I arranged a consultation. As this was my first serious medical procedure, I was feeling quite anxious. Straight away, I was put at ease by Dr. O’Donovan, his secretary Valerie and the other medical staff I spoke with. The procedures (breast lift and abdominoplasty) were explained to me in detail and after these consultations, I felt very confident and reassured that I was making the right choice for me. Any queries/worries I had were answered promptly, procedures were fully explained and the after care provided was of a very high standard. I am delighted with the outcome of my surgery and would highly recommend it to others.


 “I would highly recommend ASI for anyone out there contemplating whether or not to go ahead with surgery.”

20 yr old male who had Otoplasty with Mr Brian Kneafsey

“Having otoplasty is something that I’ve wanted to have done for the past few years as anyone who is self conscious about their ears understands how much it can affect your confidence. Aesthetic Surgery Ireland provided me with a consultation in order to talk over these issues I was concerned about and to inform me of the procedure and the recovery process afterwards. I was given quotes from the surgeon from the various hospitals providing the operation, allowing me to make my own choice. This allowed me to make the best decision regarding where I was financially. As a student it was awkward trying to fit in appointments between lectures but ASI accommodated this aspect brilliantly.  I was able to leave the hospital the day of surgery and was given medication to keep the obvious post surgery discomfort at bay.  After wearing a headband for a week, it was removed and I was able to view the initial results of the procedure. After a couple of weeks the swelling and bruising subsided and I began to see the more long term result and again I was extremely happy with it.   ASI dealt with me in a professional and friendly manner, with all staff members genuinely keen to help you achieve what you wanted from the surgery. I would highly recommend ASI for anyone out there contemplating whether or not to go ahead with surgery.”

“They were only a phone call away if I needed any advice.”

51yr old lady who had facelift procedure and blepharoplasty with Mr Brian Kneafsey

I first went to see Mr Kneafsey in January 2014, as he had been recommended by my own GP. I was considering a lower blepharoplasty and a face lift, as I was very unhappy with under eye bags,  saggy skin and lack of volume in my face.  I found Mr Kneafsey to be very patient and understanding. He explained both procedures fully, pointed out the possible risks, and described the results I could expect from the surgery. I decided to go ahead with both procedures in early April. I was admitted to Blackrock Clinic on a Thursday morning for surgery, and was discharged on the Saturday. I had a lot of discomfort on the Thursday and Friday following surgery, but nothing that couldn’t be solved with medication. I had a lot of facial swelling for about two weeks, but very little bruising. It has been twelve weeks since my surgery, and I am delighted with the results. I found everyone I dealt with to be very professional, friendly, caring and understanding of my concerns. They were only a phone call away if I needed any advice. I would definitely recommend Mr Kneafsey and his team at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland.

“I would recommend ASI, and Dr O’Donovan to anyone considering this procedure”

51yr old lady who had Abdominoplasty with Mr David O'Donovan

Having felt uncomfortable for years over excess skin and  lack of muscle tone on my abdomen ( despite personal trainers, diet exercise etc) I decided to look into the plastic surgery option . I did not take this option lightly and did a lot of research before making enquiries with various clinics I had seen (or heard) advertised. Unfortunately none of them gave me the confidence to go through with it. I then decided to google a list of resident plastic surgeons in Ireland ( a must for after care) and came across Dr David O’ Donovan. From our initial consultation I knew I would proceed with this procedure, as he immediately put me at ease and explained everything in great but simple detail. After a cooling off period and another consultation a date was agreed for June 2013. The surgery went very well and the three days in hospital were a welcome respite due to the general tightness and discomfort felt after. I was well enough to have a shower the next day and within a week was comfortable enough to walk properly and  could see  a remarkable difference in my appearance, the pain level was tolerable and manageable with over the counter painkillers. I was also pleased that I could at all times contact either the hospital or Dr O’Donovan to answer any questions or worries I had.  On my last visit it was time for the “After” photos to be taken and to say I was pleased is an understatement, although I knew I looked better and felt so much more comfortable , comparing the before and after photos was such a great feeling. My scar was minimal and my muscle tone fantastic. I must stress to anyone considering this operation how important it is that you follow the doctors instructions to the letter as it makes all the difference to the outcome.      A year later I feel like a new woman, not only am I comfortable in any clothes but the obvious lack of excess skin is in it self so much more comfortable. I would recommend ASI, and Dr O’Donovan to anyone considering this procedure , he is a competent, friendly, and patient man, who takes pride in his work therefore ensuring you get  the best possible outcome. He also has fantastic nursing, and office staff who all make you feel completely at ease and confident  during your journey with them. I cant begin to thank them all for their help and kindness, and most of all “My New Body”

“The consultant, surgery and all staff were exceptional both pre & post op”

36yr old male who had otoplasty with Mr David O'Donovan April 2014

Recently I decided to get an operation as it was something that played on my mind for a number of years.  I found Aesthetic Surgery Ireland excellent to deal with and an organisation that was able to meet my needs with the utmost care.  The consultant, surgery and all staff were exceptional both pre & post op, and showed a willingness to ensure that my requirements were met. I found it very non judgmental and a friendly environment to walk into. I have no hesitation in recommending this organisation to anybody that was thinking of taking the step to make the changes that maybe they too have considered.

” I was given plenty of time and felt everything  was very professional”

23yr old male who had otoplasty with Mr Brian Kneafsey April 2014

Right from the second I walked in the door of the ASI felt very welcome ,this is as a result of the extremely friendly staff which really helped settle my nerves. This friendly atmosphere continued into my first consultation where all my questions were answered. I was given plenty of time and felt everything  was very professional .It was at this point I was 100 percent sure I wanted to go ahead with the operation.  The operation went really well , I was back home by the early evening .A few hours passed and so did the anaesthetic which was when I experienced some pain and discomfort. I found it difficult to sleep for the first few days but by a week I was fine , 2 weeks on and the bandages were removed. First impression was that the ears were very flat and pressed against my head which I was told was common, as the weeks rolled on the ears came out and began to look the way I was hoping.  All in all I am very pleased with the results and the process I went through to obtain my new appearance .With the pain and discomfort taken into consideration I would definitely go through the experience again

“I only have Mr. Kneafsey to thank for this and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a genius!!”

After giving it much thought i finally decided to opt for a Rhinoplasty surgery, something that has been on my mind for a very long time. I was extremely self conscious about a bump on my nose that I decided I could not live with it anymore.  I had no idea where to even begin to look for getting a procedure like this done however I knew I wanted someone reliable, who could give me exactly what I wanted and most importantly without messing it up!! Following a recommendation I made an appointment with Mr. Kneafsey for a consultation. I was instantly assured by his confident manner that I was in very capable hands. Not having a clear image in my mind of exactly what I wanted the end result to be, I was happy that he understood what would ultimately suit me best. I didn’t want anything too drastic, just the perfect nose for my face.  One year on and I am happy to say he has given me exactly that. I can honestly say the results where better than I ever could have imagined, I could see this even after one week. As the nose takes quite some time to heal it has improved month by month. One year later and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have had such a simple, virtually pain free procedure that has left me feeling happier and more confident than ever. I only have Mr. Kneafsey to thank for this and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a genius!!

“The results David O’ Donovan and his team have give me have far outlived my expectations”

I underwent abdomnioplasty and bilateral breast augmentation on march 14th 2014.  At 28 I felt extremely self conscious about my body. I had a c section at 18 and since then id always wanted the unsightly skin removed from my tummy. After my second child in 2012 I decided to go for it!! I was referred to Mr David ODonovan from ASI. I received a call from Valerie who set up my first appointment and was happy to answer any  questions I had.  My first impressions at the ASI clinic was warm and friendly.  Valerie assured me it was natural to be nervous and no question was a “silly”question. She was professional and extremely down to earth.  From the moment I met Mr ODonovan I was at ease. He is a true gentleman. He explained to me the risks and the pain surgery would involve but he said the pain was nothing that couldn’t be “managed” by meds. He explained how my tummy would look youthful and I would even have a waist again. My sagging breast would be fuller and id be over the operation and back to myself in 6 weeks max.  I went ahead with surgery at the beautiful Hermitage clinic after saving hard and I can honestly say im a new  woman. I feel I look now how I feel I should. I look and feel my age now. And 7 weeks post op I can tell you I am 100 percent again. Yes its a tough recovery. Would I do it again if needed?  In a heart beat.  Im absolutely thrilled. The results david o donovan and his team have give me have far outlived my expectations. A big thank you to him and all the girls at ASI


“I felt like I was doing something medically beneficial for my skin”

I had recently felt my skin was looking a little tired, flaky and just a little unhealthy.  I always try to drink water and clean my face but with every day make up and not always being as careful as I should I thought now that I am in my mid 30’s I should start a maintenance and protection regime that’s a little bit more than just your products at home .  I arranged an appointment with Sharon and she recommended a Microlift treatment which is a combined treatment of microdermabrasion with a nourishing vitamin enriched facemask afterwards.   I really felt this was a deep clean for my face and I have noticed a real difference even in putting on my make-up.  I felt like I was doing something medically beneficial for my skin and not just a superficial treatment.  I would thoroughly recommend Sharon and the staff at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland to anyone who is looking for something that’s more medically beneficial for your skin long term.  I have already booked my next treatment in 6 weeks.  Thanks girls.

“I immediately felt respected, listened to, cared about, safe and in very capable hands”

Like many women who feel they would like to change aspects of their physical lives I felt outside the loop. I am not a person who ever had surgery other than the standard non electives, appendectomy and so on. I had no idea where to turn when I finally after about fifteen years thinking about it decided that enough was enough. I had heavy breasts and a light frame. Completely out of proportion and suffered back pain, neck pain and embarrassment for years on end.  I approached my doctor and he pointed me in the direction of ASI. I spoke with Louise one of the secretaries and she immediately put me at ease. I expressed a preference for a lady surgeon and I was given a choice, dates and work commitments and available appointments saw me in the hands of Dr. Patricia Eadie.  I cannot ever express everything I would like to say about Dr. Eadie. She was so approachable and present, so matter of fact in a gentle and caring way that may not always be one’s experience with consultants. I immediately felt respected, listened to, cared about, safe and in very capable hands. I would go so far as to say that my meeting with  Dr. Eadie made the decision to go ahead with the surgery possible for me. She came to see me in the hospital before the operation, she put me at ease, not easy, I was doing this completely on my own, no partner, no family back up. She was so good and so kind. She did the prep work herself and has such an ease about her that you just hand over. The operation went well. The aftercare was terrific. The change in my life is phenomenal. Any regrets? Apart from not having done it years ago, not a regret in the world. I highly recommend Dr. Eadie, she is a wonderful surgeon, miraculous what she achieved for me, and a real lady. What a pleasure to have met her and to have been her patient.

“The security and confidence that I had with Margaret O’Donnell was 100 pc”

Margaret ODonnell – I recently had surgery for a breast reduction, its a procedure that I was thinking about for years and eventually decided to have it done, I had a lot of concerns especially regarding the recovery period, I had the operation done 5 weeks ago and cant believe how great I feel and how great I look, and wish I had it done years ago.  The attention that I received from Margaret O’Donnell and her team was unbelievable, both before the surgery, during the surgery and the after the surgery.   I was slow for the first week after surgery but I am a mother with 3 young children so the show must go on, but by week 3 really was almost back to full health. The security and confidence that I had with Margaret O’Donnell was 100 pc and feel know that I had the best surgeon for the job.

So to your team.  Thank You.

“A huge thank you to Dr Patricia Eadie and her Team”

I had a consultation with Dr Eadie last December 2013, as I was very concerned with my upper eyelids and the hollows under my eyes. At 54 the skin on my upper eyelids had become very slack and creased. A lot of fat had accumulated also and I constantly looked worn out even after a good night’s sleep. I couldn’t wear eye shadow as it got stuck in the skin creases. The passage of time had also taken its toll under my eyes with a loss of fat which gave them a sunken appearance.

The day of my consultation Dr Eadie immediately put me at ease and discussed in depth all my concerns and expectations. After a thorough examination of my eyes Dr Eadie suggested an upper eyelid Blepharoplasty would be the most beneficial surgery for that area of my eyes and a Restylane Derma Filler would help plump up the hollows under my eyes.

I had the Blepharoplasty mid January 2014 and I have to say I am blown away with the results. There is no more saggy skin or drooping fat! I look wide awake and my eye shadow goes on like a dream, not a crease in sight. Today 6 weeks later, Dr Eadie injected the Restylane Derma Filler in the under eye hollows with fabulous results! I can’t stop looking in the mirror. As an extra treat to myself today I also had my lip line filled with Restylane by Dr Eadie. My upper lip had shrunken with age and I had lots of tiny vertical lines, I’m thrilled with the result

I want to thank Dr Eadie for the fantastic surgical and non surgical procedures she carried out, I am so happy. The Nurses were amazing also, calling me at home after my surgery to see how I was and if I needed anything no matter how small to contact them at any time. A big thank you to all the girls on reception and admin, you were fantastic too, and so helpful and friendly.

“I am extremely happy with the results”

I underwent breast reduction early December 2013 with Mr David O’Donovan, as I suffered with back pain from a car accident years ago and the size of my breasts contributed largely to a lot discomfort and back pain, especially after walking for any length of time! I found the operation reassuringly over before I knew it and my recovery was very fast. I found Mr O’Donovan’s care to be exemplary and his manner was both pleasant and reassuring. and I felt in safe hands the whole time. I am extremely happy with the results of my surgery, both physically and mentally.


“A massive thank you to Mr.O’Donovan”

On the 18th of November 2013 I had breast reduction surgery in the Hermitage clinic with Mr.O’Donovan. 9 week’s on and I am a new person. I am 23 years old and have always wanted a breast reduction mainly due to the fact I had quite a difference in the size of both my breasts. From the moment I stepped into the Aesthetic Surgery Ireland I was greeted with warmth and friendly smiles. I saw Mr.O’Donovan for my consultation and he could not have been any nicer. I felt comfortable and relaxed and he left no question’s I had unanswered. The results of my surgery are amazing and I am so happy I was in Mr.O’Donovan’s care, he is an excellent surgeon. Mr.O’Donovan, his secretary Valerie and all the nursing staff at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland are such nice people, they all made me feel so at ease and they are extremely professional. To anyone that has thought about breast reduction surgery for some time now, go for it, you won’t look back.

“Aesthetic Surgery are highly qualified and experienced in their field”

Results from Fraxel Restore on 45 year old scar as a result of burn as a child.  At 3 years of age  pyjamas I was wearing caught fire when I fell into an open fireplace. As a result My face was very badly burnt. I received some plastic surgery at that time however grew up with quite a large ugly looking scar on my face.  I am 49 years young now!  I was encouraged by family members who work in the medical field to visit Margaret o Donnell who came highly recommended. I was extremely cautious about letting anyone near my face however I met with Margaret O’Donnell and She suggested a small scar revision and Fraxel Restore . The scar revision was scary for me however I really felt in good hands . I then had a course of Fraxel Restore. This treatment was no problem. The first session was the worst in that my face was very red and swollen for about three days but once the swelling went down and as the days went by the improvement was dramatic. The texture and tone of the scar tissue were really improved. I have had five or more Fraxel treatments on the scar since then and the best thing of all for me is that I do not have to wear heavy make up any more just put on sun factor and light makeup. The surgeons and all nursing staff at Aesthetic Surgery are highly qualified and experienced in their field. Arlene Mc Evoy who gave me the Fraxel Restore has treated many people and especially kind person to meet when you are feeling vulnerable before a treatment.  I have had a very successful outcome as a result of the use of Fraxel in the hands of highly competent and professional people. I would have no hesitation in recommending Aesthetic surgery to anyone with a burn or old scar that is bothering them to go and have a consultation.

“I highly recommend Mr. Kneafsey.”

Although many plastic surgeons would only see a patient once for a pre-operative breast augmentation consultation, Mr. Kneafsey was infinitely patient, took all the time I needed for each visit, and ended up seeing me for 3 pre-operative visits in order to answer all my questions and ensure I was properly prepared for the breast augmentation surgery.  I never felt rushed, and I never felt embarrassed ask any question at all.  The office nurses were fantastic and very professional, and they were an additional source of very helpful advice.  Therefore I was very pleased but not surprised that the surgery went off without hitch and the cosmetic outcome was just what I had hoped for.   I highly recommend Mr. Kneafsey.

“I immediately felt a renewed tightness in my skin”

It was my first time to have a microlift facial so I didn’t know what to expect at all ! I was greeted by a lovely nurse/ therapist who brought me to the therapy room and proceeded to explain the process ! The machine itself was a little tingly at first but caused no discomfort whatsoever ! The vitamin c and serum afterwards were beautifully cooling on my face! I immediately felt a renewed tightness in my skin and was absolutely thrilled with the results ! My skin was glowing ! So happy with the results in fact,  I’ve booked in for a full course of 4 treatments ! And delighted with the home care kit I received after the facial. I can strongly recommend it !!!

 “Why did I wait so long?”

Just to let you know I had my Nipple stitches out today and all went well, looks great….I must say that it is three months now since my reconstruction an d when I look at the result now I am so delighted that I eventually decided to ‘go for it’ and got my new Boob……..I dont do things on impulse and yes it took me ten years to be in the right zone to get reconstructed……why did I wait so long ? the operation was a doddle, a week in hospital was well worth the result.  I can honestly say there wasn’t  any suffering involved.  I enjoyed this summer being able to go swimming and not being afraid that my prosthesis would end up down around my mid-rift…..If anyone is considering getting reconstructed all I can say is DO IT ,, you will be delighted………

Surgery with Ms Margaret O’Donnell.

“I want to thank Dr. Margaret O’Donnell and her team”

I was nervous and scared but Dr. Margaret O’Donnell was very helpful and explained everything. She took her time with me. I am so glad I had my reconstruction, I finally feel complete and like a woman again. I am so grateful. I had not a single problem. I want to thank Dr. Margaret O’Donnell and her team, including Phil in the office and all the nurses for giving me back what the cancer took away. Not enough thanks in the world.

The healing went fast and I love my new boobs, amazing experience. I am able to wear nice tops again and I feel so blessed to have had this done. It was April when I started my reconstruction, Dr. O’Donnell told me it would take 6 to 8 months for the implant to settle, I am there now and what an amazing experience. The boobs have filled out and settled now, every one said what an amazing job she has done.

I was diagnosed with my breast cancer in 2006 and I am so happy I waited until now to have my reconstruction done as it was all done at a great pace, my body was able for each stage of treatment. Well lets just say I am amazed how far I have come. I would recommend Dr. Margaret O’Donnell. Find the right surgeon, it is most important.

“The result of my surgery is incredible”

Mr. O’Donovan was recommended to me by a pre-eminent consultant dermatologist, who described Mr. O’Donovan as “the best surgeon for skin in this country”. Having had a recent tummy tuck and breast lift under Mr. O’Donovan’s care, I can easily see how he has earned this reputation. My story is simple.  I am a lady in my thirties of normal weight.   Following a twin pregnancy, the skin on my tummy looked like an old person’s skin, and I lost all tone around my middle. Follow breastfeeding my breasts had sagged considerably. I felt that my new “shape” had aged me beyond anything I was prepared for. Finally, after a number of years of deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and seek advice. The result of my surgery is incredible. I didn’t just get my pre-pregnancy body back, I got a definite upgrade which I had in no way anticipated. Now rather than aging me, my body shape belies my age and the fact that I’ve had two children. My recovery was quick (I was walking the next day) and the aftercare was excellent. My surgery has made me feel good about myself twenty times a day rather than bad and as such it was worth every penny to me. I do believe Mr. O’Donovan is a truly skilled surgeon and would highly recommend him to anyone.

“I was treated in a most professional and caring way”

I had face lift surgery with Mr David O Donovan almost 6 months ago in the Hermitage Hospital. I had previously had the same operation with another specialist 10 years ago.  Throughout the entire process from the  initial consultation until the end of the after care service I was treated in a most professional and caring way. The post operative recovery was much easier that the first time and 6 months later I am delighted with the outcome. My jowls have disappeared and I have no discomfort or numbness. My appearance has improved yet it is not apparent that I have had surgery. I would highly recommend this surgeon to anyone contemplating this procedure.

“I was was not in too much pain and the recovery was quite quick”

I knew that breast enlargement was something I always wanted. I was always insecure and conscious of my breasts but never got the courage to go ahead with it. I am now in my thirties and I am the happiest I have ever been as finally, on November the 8th 2012 I said to myself “you know its time to do something for me and that will make me happy!” I just wish I had gone ahead with the operation years ago. Even though it was something I always thought of, I spent many years contemplating the procedure. I was afraid of what people would think or the pain that may be involved. I shared my plans with the people I wanted to know, as I am still quite a private person so was happy to trust in them. Also for someone with a low pain threshold I was surprised by the whole experience, I was was not in too much pain and the recovery was quite quick. I am so happy with my figure as a whole now and feel so confident.

” I would recommend Mr Kneafsey and the clinic without hesitation.”

For many years I wanted breast augmentation, having had five children and breast fed each one I really didn’t have a lot left!  I was always put off as we frequently read horror stories in the press and I didn’t want to risk the possibility of a bad job and being operated on by a surgeon who was flown in for the day.  Last year, Mr Kneafsey at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland was recommended to me so I decided to take the plunge and make an appointment. My attitude was it won’t do any harm to go and discuss the operation and I could make up my mind based on the information and support given to me at the appointment.  From that first appointment I was reassured and knew that I wanted to go ahead with the procedure. I found all the staff at the clinic very friendly and extremely professional. I had two further visits prior to surgery so I had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and on every visit was totally reassured that I was doing the right thing for me. The surgery was scheduled for March 14th 2013 and I was both very nervous and excited.  I stayed for two nights and the care and attention was second to none. My recovery was much better than expected and the initial pain and discomfort was worth it. I am delighted that I was brave enough to have the procedure done as it has given me new found confidence. For the first time in years I am looking forward to buying a bikini! I would recommend Mr Kneafsey and the clinic without hesitation.

“iGuide Neck Lift: I feel more confident and attractive”

After careful the consideration of various procedures, I decided to have the iGuide necklift surgery combined with liposuction. As a mum, a grandmother and working woman, I felt the excess skin on my neck aged me beyond my 64 years and belied my healthy and active lifestyle. The reason I opted for this particular type of procedure was the success rate and the relatively short recovery downtime. It was important for me to choose a procedure that would not interfere with my busy life.

After in-depth consultations with my surgeon, Mr Brian Kneafsey, I decided to have the procedure in February 2013. I had no complications and was ready to go home that day, which I opted to do. As I deal with the public on a day-to-day basis in my job, I allowed for three weeks off work to ensure my neck was fully recovered. However, I found I healed quicker than expected and was back out in public a week later, and even had a gentle facial within two to three weeks of surgery. Mr Kneafsey and his team at the Mater Private are extremely professional and I found my aftercare was caring, thorough, and reassuring, Not forgetting Mr Kneafsey’s wonderful staff in his Merrion Road Clinic who could not have been kinder to me.

My neck procedure has been a great success and I finally have my defined profile back. People who do not know I have had surgery have commented on my more youthful appearance without being able to identify what it is exactly I have had done. I feel more confident and attractive as a result of the iGuide neck surgery and would highly recommend the procedure and my surgeon, Mr Kneafsey, to others considering necklift surgery.

“You have given me something I thought I would never achieve”

On February 14th I had my first appointment with Mr Kneafsey. I was a little apprenhensive as I suffer with MTS ( problem with clotting ). Not many doctors know what my condition is, but it was a comfort to know my surgeon did. He explained I would have compression boots on both, during and after surgery for my circulation. This reassured me so much.

In March we set a date for top and bottom Blepharoplasty ( April 11th ). I was called to the hospital the week before the procedure for a preassessment. I had blood tests, an ECG and an interview with the anaesthetist. They also went through my old records, so no stone was left unturned. I looked forward to my surgery.

I was admitted on the morning of April 11th, brought to my ward and assigned a nurse. I had bloods rechecked as I had to discontinue my medication one week prior to surgery. Mr Kneafsey came to see me to go through a few things, followed by the anaesthetist. I was then brought to theatre.

A few hours later and back in my ward the night nurse came and iced my eye pack. She did this all night long on the hour. Everyone was so good. 8 am the next morning Mr Kneafsey was in to tell me how things went and how pleased he was with the outcome. He then took the bandages off. He advised me if I could keep up  the ice packs for another few hours it could give me less swelling, and how right he was.

The nursing staff were terrific. They swabbed my eyes three times daily and it felt so good. I had minimal swelling with the maximum of care. I stayed two nights at the Mater Private as I chose a general anesthetic.

One week later I had my stitches out at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland. I saw my eyes for the first time without the tapes. It was a very emotional moment. This was something I always wanted to do for me, but fear stopped me.

Thank you Mr Kneafsey with all my heart. You have given me something I thought I would never achieve and without you and your great team I could not have done so.

“I would highly recommend Mr. Kneasfey to anyone considering cosmetic surgery”

I had breast augmentation just over 9 years ago and decided I would like to have the procedure carried out for a second time. Mr. Kneafsey was recommended to me by my previous surgeon and so I made an appointment to meet with him.

My first consultation took place in Aesthetic Surgery Ireland in Ballsbridge. All of the nurses and staff were very welcoming and friendly and made me feel at ease. I was in no way rushed during my consultation, the entire procedure was explained to me in detail and all my questions were answered.

 My surgery was carried out by Mr. Kneafsey in the Blackrock Clinic on the 21st of March 2013. Before my surgery Mr. Kneafsey came to speak with me and make sure I was ready for the surgery. I was made to feel both comfortable and confident by both him and the nursing staff in the clinic.

 I stayed one night in the Blackrock Clinic and the care provided to me was exceptional.

It is only a month on from my surgery and I could not be happier with the results. The aftercare provided by the Aesthetic Clinic is second to none and I would highly recommend Mr. Kneasfey to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.

” thorough and professional “

I have had IPL treatments with Aesthetic Surgery Ireland several times now and am extremely happy with the results. My treatment was with Arlene who is so thorough and professional and made sure that my skin got the maximum benefit from the IPL. It’s great to be able to have such a successful skin rejuvenation and be able to go back to work straight after.

This is a treatment that I will definitely be having again. Thank you ASI.

 “…there was no “sales pitch” that I had experienced in other clinics”

After giving birth to my 3rd baby last year it became apparent that my body was never going to bounce back to anything resembling my pre-pregnancy shape. Whilst I was very thankful for the fact that I had 3 healthy babies, I was really unhappy with how I looked & found it really hard to find cloths that fit. My tummy had a lot of loose skin and my abdominal muscles were separated. My breasts were also extremely saggy having breastfed 3 times. So, I made the decision that I was too young at 36 years old to hate how I looked and that I really wanted to take the big leap towards surgery. It was very scary at first but as soon as I went to Aesthetic Surgery Ireland, I knew I was in good hands. Mr. Brian Kneafsey had been recommended to me by a family member and I’m so glad he was. My first consultation was very honest and I came away with a realistic view of what the surgery entailed, risks etc and also that I had to lose all of my pregnancy weight before I could go ahead with the surgery. I liked the fact that Mr Kneafseys approach was purely from a medical point of view and there was no “sales pitch” that I had experienced in other clinics. I decided to have a tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation done at the same time and as soon as I had lost enough weight we booked the surgery for October. The first week of recovery was definitely tough but I can honestly say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was about a month before I was fully back to my normal everyday activities and I had lots of check ups at the clinic in Ballsbridge as the weeks went by.  The result is truly amazing, my tummy is super flat & I have my 21 year old waist back again. I’m also love my new C cup breasts & I’m 100% happy with my whole experience. I feel like I am ready to get on with my life now and to know that I never have to worry about how I look again is an amazing feeling.

 “All the staff were very friendly and informative”

Last year I underwent stomach surgery. Due to a car crash, I was left with a scar from my knicker line right up to underneath my breasts, in the centre of my stomach. The scar itself healed well but I was left with fatty tissue deposits around the scar, that made it look uneven and bulgy. I felt very self conscious of this and so with the advice of my doctor, I went to see a plastic surgeon to see if anything could improve my stomach. I went to see Mr. Kneafsey in Aesthetic Surgery Ireland. All the staff were very friendly and informative. Mr. Kneafsey recommended liposuction of the stomach, to remove the fatty deposits around the scar. He explained all about the operation and aftercare of the procedure. I underwent the liposuction in July. It was sore for a day or two but didn’t require any strong pain relief. I could see a difference immediately but it took 2 months to see the full benefits. I now am not so paranoid about my stomach thanks to Aesthetic Surgery Ireland.

“Thank You” to Dr. O’Donovan and his team

I had Rhinoplasty Surgery in 2008 performed by Dr. David O’Donovan. He did a fabulous job. He was a true gentleman, so professional in every manner, his expertise, patient care, personal touch and the aftercare was impeccable. I am amazed with the difference it has made to my life. I have so much more confidence now and it’s all down to him. Many people have complimented me on how natural my new nose looks on my face. Finally I now have the nose I should have been born with!!  You have really brought a big smile to my face, so a huge “Thank You” to Dr. O’Donovan and his team

“the meticulous work of Mr. David O Donovan”

My surgery was performed approximately  three months ago. The reason I opted for mastopexy was that despite exercise including very regular rigorous swimming I couldn’t influence my body shape without some skilled expertise. Although I was a size 10/12 jackets often had to be bought a size bigger or I had to camouflage my top half with what I called ‘keep me  in ‘attire. I really did not feel confident wearing a t-shirt. I had breast fed my babies and my own mother had also .Her breast size had significantly altered from her early fifties becoming difficult and pendulous . I knew that if I did not have surgery in my fifties things would never improve no matter what gym regime I could follow. I am a medical professional myself and knew of the meticulous work of Mr David O Donovan in this regard. I was not disappointed and I know that the post surgery satisfaction with this operation is very high and life changing. The operation was carried out efficiently and to a very high standard .I had no pain rather a small discomfort immediately post surgery , the drains were removed early the next morning and did not cause any pain on removal. My scars three months on are virtually invisible around the nipples and very slight under the breast line- fading very well. I was back to work in two weeks although I could have gone back sooner. I was back swimming in 4 weeks although with some minor restriction- and fully back to exercise in 2 months. Nobody noticed any difference but I did as I can now wear my clothes with much more comfort and dresses which I was going to throw out before surgery now fit me easily. My breast size prior to operation was 34c –d and now 34a-b which is right for my body type. I know it was the right operation at the right time with the right surgeon and I am so grateful for the result. My advice to anyone considering this surgery is to go to the correct professional who is tried and tested and found to be excellent in their field and you will be delighted with the result.

“incredibly sensitive and compassionate”

Mr. O’Donovan and his staff were incredibly sensitive and compassionate from the moment of my first consultation, right through to aftercare. I found the decision to proceed with surgery very daunting, but everything went so smoothly – it was such a pleasant surprise and I am delighted with my results. Undergoing surgery is a big decision for anyone to make, but if you do decide to go for it, I can sincerely assure you that you couldn’t be in safer hands

 “The only regret I have about this surgery is that I did not get it done years ago!”

I have always wanted to have a rhinoplasty done but was continuously apprehensive about having the surgery. Since my teens I’ve never allowed photo’s to be taken of me. Always hated how my nose looked. It was so big and misshapen, and looked enormous on my small face. A friend of mine had a different type of surgery done by Aesthetic Surgery and couldn’t recommend them high enough. I decided to visit Mr. Kneafsey and discuss my surgery – I thought what I wanted could not be done. I found Mr. Kneafsey to be very professional and honest with me, which I really liked. I was worried that he would sugar coat it but I found him to be very realistic which I found assuring. He told me he could perform the surgery and discussed what he would do. I was so happy that he could do what I wanted. I had the Surgery done in May 2011 and found the whole entire process to be so smooth and surprisingly simplistic. I cannot get over how easy it all was. I had pretty much no pain post-surgery, and I had my nose broken and cartilage moved. It showed how gentle Mr. Kneafsey was on me during the surgery. I am so thrilled with the outcome, I have my nose which now suits my face. I’m posing in as many photo’s as I can! It has totally boosted my confidence. The only regret I have about this surgery is that I did not get it done years ago!

“a perfect D cup”

I’d considered having a breast reduction for years, in part because of the size of my breasts, but also because my left breast was 2 cup sizes larger than my right (38E and 38G, respectively).  I finally decided to go ahead with the procedure, and after consulting with a close friend who’s in the medical profession, I chose Dr. Patricia Eadie as my surgeon.  The operation went really well, without any complications, and only very mild pain for about a week after the procedure.  And aesthetically, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result — my breasts are exactly the same size, a perfect D cup.  Not to mention, the lift is brilliant — I no longer have to worry about finding heavy duty bras for sports, or some special support contraption to wear under a backless dress.  I’m thrilled!

“50 years young”

I had always hated my breasts. They started to grow when I was still at primary school and never stopped!! After I had my three children I was a size 34E but roll on some years to when I approached my 50th birthday last year and had myself measured and was horrified to learn that I was now a size 34GG! Bearing in mind my height of 5 foot and my relatively small frame it brought it home to me how out of proportion I was. I was wearing a size 12 in jeans and a size 16 on top. I was suffering quite a bit with backache and more especially pain in my neck and an MRI had diagnosed a significant amount of wear and tear on the discs in my neck. I had also developed a bit of a stoop from trying to hide my pendulous bosoms. Also the thought of hot summer days with nowhere to hide my chest, or, of going on holidays and exposing my chest (albeit in a one piece swimsuit up to my neck that would have done a nun proud!!) became more and more of a nightmare. I was 50 years young I had the rest of my life ahead of me. It was time to do something!

I approached my GP after having done some research on the net myself and having learned the criteria for getting a breast reduction done. He was more than supportive and also pointed out that if I didn’t have the surgery my problems with my neck would get a lot worse over time. This convinced me and when he recommended Dr Margaret O’ Donnell as being the best in the country I phoned AestheticSurgery Ireland that very day!

I was like a woman possessed and was determined to be relieved of my ‘heavy burden’ASAP! I had my appointment with Dr O Donnell within a few short weeks and went through in detail with her my reasons for getting the surgery done and what exactly the surgery entailed. I looked at ‘before and after’ photos of other women and discussed at length the long term effects of the surgery. I was anxious that nipple sensation would not be lost and felt reassured that this would not be the case. I was slightly concerned about peoples’ reaction to my new figure including the children that I teach. Would it be immediately obvious to everyone where I had been on my ‘little holiday’!! DrO’ Donnell reassured me that generally people can’t immediately identify what’s different about the person and often conclude that she has lost a lot of weight. I was more than happy with this and off I went to lose the good half stone I needed to lose to fulfil the VHI criteria for a BMI under 25.

The weight came off slower than I had hoped for (that metabolism sure does slow down over the years!!) but nerertheless within four months and after one further visit to Dr O’Donnell where I had my ‘before’ photos taken (oh the embarrassment, but the joy of knowing that the ‘after’ photos would follow before long!) I had received the go ahead from VHI.

It was now full steam ahead! Surgery was scheduled for the 25th January this year and I so enjoyed Christmas knowing that it would be my last as a disproportioned self conscious woman! Friends and family were more than supportive and I enjoyed all the ‘boob’ jokes that were thrown at me! Despite my few last minute nerves that surgery would not go ahead as planned as I had a head cold, it was all systems go, and down I went for surgery at 4 in the afternoon in the Blackrock Clinic. I woke up several hours later on a total high delighted to be alive and well and over a kilo lighter and a couple of dress sizes smaller to boot!!

I spent two days in hospital and have to admit that post-operatively I felt a lot better than I had presumed. Yes there was a lot of discomfort at first and with drains and a drip and the fear of rolling over it was hard to sleep the first night or two but on leaving the clinic on the Thursday the only pain relief I required was a couple of neurofen plus on going to bed each night. I went to my favourite store within a day of getting home and bought my first size 12 dress in many years!! Yes it was sore to raise my arms and try on the dress but it was worth it! Result!

I went back to see my consultant once a week for the next couple of weeks and it was great to get the reassurance that everything was healing nicely and in its proper place!! And yes those post-op photos were a lot less embarrassing as I was now proud owner of a C/D size breasts and with everything pointing in the right direction!

I returned to school within two weeks of my operation and with very few hiccoughs haven’t looked back since. I would advise anyone in a similar position to forge ahead-it’s a life-changing operation and one well worth the discomfort. I was more than ready for it and would do it all again in the morning!

“100% delighted”

I’ve been attending Ms O’Donnell for the last year for my breast reduction. I am thoroughly happy with the care and attention I have received for this procedure. I couldn’t fault the Aesthetic Surgery in any shape or form. They have made what seemed an awfully scary procedure not half as bad as what I imagined. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Aesthetic Surgery to anybody. I am 100% delighted I went ahead with this procedure. I’ve never felt more satisfied and confident within myself and it’s all thanks to Ms O’Donnell & the Aesthetic Surgery.

“I feel a decade younger”

I worked hard to lose nearly two stone I’d gained in my early forties, but when I finally lost the weight I had quite a bit of very unattractive loose skin around my stomach.  I’d had a great experience with a breast reduction performed by Dr. Patricia Eadie, so I decided to have a tummy tuck to get rid of the excess skin and restore a bit of shape to my figure.  The surgery went well, and the recovery was fairly easy.  As with the breast reduction, I didn’t have much pain after the first week or so, and the swelling more or less completely subsided within about 6-8 weeks.  The result is remarkable.  I have a waist for the first time in years, my tummy is toned and flat, and I no longer have to worry about my stomach bulging over my jeans.  I feel a decade younger and more fit, and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.