Skin Moles and Lesions

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Moles or other types of skin lesions are a very common reason for patients to consult their Plastic Surgeon. Most people will have more than 10 moles, usually in areas that have at some stage been exposed to the sun. At Aesthetic Surgery Ireland (ASI) we are more than happy to offer consultation, advice and treatment for moles. Most moles are harmless but there are some features about them that may be of concern, in which case surgical removal may be advisable. A minority of moles can alter and become a skin cancer, possibly a malignant melanoma, one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer.

Moles can have a number of different appearances, varying in colour from pink to tan to brown. They can be flat or raised and may grow hair. Many will have been on your body for years while others may have appeared recently singulair 10mg. Most moles stay exactly the same for years and are not dangerous, however some may change and need surgical removal. The following may give you some help if you are concerned that your mole may need an expert opinion.

An easy way to remember the things that may indicate that a mole has changed and may need removal is to use the ABCDE rule, which describe the early features of a melanoma.

  •  A – Asymmetry – one half doesn’t match the other half
  •  B – Border is irregular – it may have a jagged and uneven appearance
  •  C – Colour is uneven with darker and lighter areas
  •  D – Diameter – the size has changed, usually by getting bigger. Most dangerous moles such as a melanoma, will be bigger than 6mm in diameter
  •  E – Evolving – the mole has changed its appearance over the past weeks or months

A visit to ASI with your mole will involve a thorough consultation with your Plastic Surgeon who can advise you if your mole needs removal. In many cases moles are benign but because of their location and size may need to be removed. Surgery is generally performed under local anaesthetic as a day case procedure in an approved hospital or clinic. It is usually quite straightforward but you will have a scar where the mole was. Scars mature and fade over 12-18 months and facial scars in particular usually settle down well, but never disappear completely.


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