Breast Augmentation using your own fat (Lipo filling Breast Augmentation)

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For many years women who desired larger breasts only had the option of using breast implants. While these by and large have stood the tests of time, they are man-made, and further surgery is very likely to be required especially in younger women.

Using one’s own body fat for reconstruction and cosmetic improvements in various parts of the body has been developed over a number of years and is increasingly popular. Breast enlargement with fat has also been investigated and new techniques developed for this. Not everyone is suitable for breast augmentation with fat and it is best for women with loose breast skin and also enough fat in the hip or tummy area for transfer. Generally women will have had a pregnancy in the past which has left their breast skin a bit looser, and filling the loose skin with fat can improve the appearance of the breasts.

When fat is injected anywhere a certain amount of it will be re-absorbed over the first 3 months and this is the same for breast enlargement with fat. For the patient this means that they may have to have at least two operations to transfer fat to give the desired size. Once that size is reached it is unlikely that further surgery would be required though if your body weight changes then so would your breast size.

Breast augmentation with fat is only suitable for those who desire a moderate increase in breast size. If you want significantly larger breasts then breast augmentation with implants may be the better choice.

All of this can be discussed at your consultation with one of the Consultant Plastic Surgeons at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland

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