Image Iluma Skincare Range - Lighten Brighten Illuminate
Quickly diminishes all forms of pigmentation from sun spots to melasma. Used to correct and prevent pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
Margaret O'Donnell
Ms Margaret O'Donnell (IAPS President) speaks to the Independent Newspaper about the importance of having proper regulation in this fast growing industry. Click slide to read more

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Dangers Of Cosmetic Tourism   »

Dangers of Cosmetic Tourism Travelling abroad for Plastic and Cosmetic surgery has become popular as there may be a perceived benefit on the price and a short holiday can be combined with the surgery. However it can be difficult to be sure that all the necessary facilities will be available to you in the event […]


The Importance of Post Operative Care   »

Post operative care is very important. That is why at Aesthetic Surgery Ireland we place such an emphasis on your surgeon being based in Ireland. He or she will always be available for follow-up consultations or to discuss any concerns you may have. Your surgeon has conducted the operation and is therefore best suited and […]


Breast Augmentation - Things to Consider   »

Breast augmentation is the most frequent cosmetic surgical procedure performed in Ireland.  Careful selection of the type of implant, and its location, will give the most satisfying results.  Breast Implant shapes vary from round to tear-drop (anatomical), and have different profiles to give the women her desired projection.  The anatomical implants tend to give the […]

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