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We will be closed from Friday 22nd Dec until Tuesday 2nd Jan. If you have had a recent surgery and have concerns, please contact the hospital where you were a patient.

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Weight loss patients who no longer fit their own skin   »

Bariatric surgery is a highly cost-effective way to lose life-changing amounts of weight – but the public healthcare system rarely removes the excess skin that is left behind. Desperate patients are now crowdfunding their operations while struggling with anxiety, depression and identity issues. Read  more here For more information on post weight loss procedures, such […]


Breast Implant Techniques Vary Widely Around the World   »

(Reuters Health) – From country to country, breast implant surgeries tend to vary widely in technique, as well as in type and size of implant, according to an international survey of surgeons. The procedures should be standardized using best practices, the study authors argue in a paper online June 7 in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. […]


The Truth About CoolSculpting Fat Reduction by Grazia Magazine   »

The Spiel, The Tester, The Verdict  by Grazia’s Associate Beauty Editor Sam Freedman. When you have one of  the Beauty Industry’s experts giving CoolSculpting the thumbs up, you know its good. “Ive gone from a size 10 to a size 8 on my bottom half.  So does it work? Yes.  Would I recommend it to […]

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